Draabe NanoFog Evolution high pressure in-room humidifier

This quiet and discrete in-room spray humidifier is ideal for commercial buildings that do not have central air handling units. The nozzles are barely audible, just 10cm high and each can deliver up to 3kg/hr of humidification directly to a room with rapid evaporation.

Multiple nozzles can be combined and controlled from a central panel to deliver up to 200kg/hr with zone control allowing humidity levels to be controlled independently in different rooms.

The system consists of a reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment system that removes the minerals from the supply water, a high pressure pump, the in-room nozzles, hygrostats and a central control panel.

Both the RO water filter and the pump are housed in self-contained modules that are exchanged with new ones delivered to site at appropriate service intervals. Used modules are returned to Condair for servicing with the new ones being easily fitted in minutes.

 By operating this service module exchange system, the user benefits from a very low on-site service requirement, minimal system downtime, unlimited warranty on these components and a humidification system that is reliable, efficient and hygienic.


Features and benefits

  • Ideal for commercial buildings without a central air handling unit
  • Very quiet operation
  • Small, attractive and discrete in-room nozzles
  • Zone control for independent room humidity levels
  • Low on-site service requirement

Virtually silent operation

The Draabe NanoFog Evolution is extremely quiet which makes it ideal for use in occupied spaces, such as offices.

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Draabe spray humidifier system

1 - Water softener

2 - Water filter to remove sediment from the supply water

3 - Reverse osmosis water treatment module to purify supply water

4 - Reverse osmosis touch screen control panel

5 - Water expansion tank

6 - High pressure pump module supplying water at 85bar to the nozzles

7 - High pressure pump touch screen control panel

8 - HumCenter central control panel

9 - HumSpot zone control hygrostats

10 - Zone A NanoFog Evolution nozzle line

11 - Zone B NanoFog Evolution nozzle line


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