Proper humidity control in food manufacturing will:

  • Prevent evaporative losses and subsequent drop in yield
  • Maintain product quality and prolong shelf-life
  • Maintain optimum product appearance
  • Prevent static on production and packaging lines
  • Provide economic air cooling
  • Supress airborne pollutants

Enhance humidity and improve productivity in food manufacturing

Condair works with food manufacturers around the world to maintain the ideal environment and maximise quality and yield for their specific product or process. With a comprehensive range of humidifiers or dehumidifiers, we can always design the right solution to help manufacturers achieve their humidity objectives.

We offer food manufacturers a free, no obligation site assessment, so you can talk to a humidity expert about your specific needs. Our expert will visit your facility to assess your environment and give you a personalised proposal for how Condair can improve your productivity by enhancing your humidity.

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Improve your productivity by enhancing your humidity

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