New Condair outdoor steam humidifiers

Condair has extended its range of electric steam humidifiers to include new IP55 rated models suitable for outdoor installation. The robust enclosures on the Condair RS resistive steam and Condair EL electrode boiler steam humidifiers enable the units to be located on rooftops and exposed to the elements.

Rather than simply installing the standard humidifiers inside a protective housing on a rooftop, the new outdoor humidifiers from Condair have purpose-built IP55-rated casings. This means they take up much less room on a rooftop and are easier to install. Condair’s new outdoor humidifiers are the most compact in the industry with the smallest footprint and incorporate lifting handles to make on-site transportation easier.

The enclosures incorporate a thermostat-controlled heater and fan unit to maintain the internal temperature at an optimum level with outside ambient conditions ranging from -20° to 40°C. An anti-freeze valve will ensure the humidifier completely drains should the unit experience temperatures of less than 6°C during periods of in-operation.

The new Condair outdoor humidifiers can be wall-mounted, allowing them to be attached to an AHU, or free-standing. Lockable doors are removable for easy access and optional internal lighting improves visibility for servicing and maintenance.

Alongside these new enhanced “outdoor” features, the Condair RS and Condair EL steam humidifiers inside the robust outer casing still offer all the innovative features that make these resistive and electrode humidifiers market-leaders. The latest touch-screen control panel gives intuitive control over operation and reporting, and a USB connection allows software to be updated and historic operational information downloaded into Excel.

The Condair RS resistive steam humidifier has an innovative scale-management system that sees limescale detach from the heating elements and fall into a scale-collector tank. This can be occasionally emptied to remove scale from the system without the need for major maintenance downtime. The Condair EL electrode boiler humidifier has advanced water quality management that precisely maintains the mineral content of the boiling cylinder. This avoids the need for excessive flushing of hot water to drain and minimises limescale formation.

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New Condair outdoor steam humidifiers

The Condair outdoor steam humidifiers have been fully tested and approved for operation in a wide range of climates.

Smallest compact cabinetry in the industry

The integrated cabinetry allows for the smallest footprint of any other outdoor humidifier on the market.

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